3D Brachytherapy Treatment in Locally Advanced Cervical Cancer: A Case Presentation
Kamuran İBİŞ1,Nazmiye DÖNMEZ KESEN2
1Department of Radiation Oncology, Istanbul University, Institute of Oncology, Istanbul-Turkey
2Department of Medical Physics, Istanbul University, Institute of Oncology, Istanbul-Turkey
DOI : 10.5505/tjo.2019.1960 Cervical cancer is the most frequent gynecologic malignancy worldwide and is the fourth most common cancer among women. The treatment of locally advanced cervical cancer is concomitant radiochemotherapy. Intracavitary brachytherapy is used following concomitant external radiotherapy with cisplatin chemotherapy. Three-dimensional brachytherapy is currently the treatment of choice for cervical cancer. It was previously shown that high-dose rate (HDR) brachytherapy and low-dose rate brachytherapy have similar survival rates in cervical cancer. The advantages of HDR brachytherapy are possibility of treatment in outpatient basis, no radiation exposure for staff, advanced ability of controlling the immobilization of applicators, and better dose optimization. In this case report, the treatment planning of a patient with locally advanced cervical cancer from Istanbul University Oncology Institute, with three-dimensional planning and HDR intracavitary brachytherapy following chemoradiotherapy, is discussed. Keywords : Brachytherapy; cervical cancer; radiotherapy