A Simplified Suggested Methodology for Quality Improvement in Radiation Oncology Facility
Ahmed Nadeem ABBASI1,Muneeb uddin KARIM1,Bilal Mazhar QURESHI1
1Department of Oncology, The Aga Khan University, Radiation Oncology Section, Karachi-Pakistan DOI : 10.5505/tjo.2018.1831 Radiation oncology is a very quality conscious area of healthcare. Radiotherapy-related errors are not uncommon; moreover, many errors are likely to go undetected. Radiotherapy error can lead to the wrong, ineffective, or lack of delivery of a required radiation dose to the the target tissue. Quality assurance in radiation therapy includes procedures that ensure a consistent and safe fulfillment of dose prescription to the target volume, with a minimal dose to normal tissues and a minimal exposure to the personnel handling the equipment. In radiation therapy, a comprehensive quality assurance program is necessary because of the importance of accuracy in dose delivery. It reduces the likelihood of accidents and errors by increasing the probability of early detection of the errors that occur. Quality assurance in radiotherapy is concerned with all aspects of radiotherapy process and should involve all groups of staff in a cooperative approach, since quality activities are interdependent. The key component is a multidisciplinary approach that involves a radiation oncologist, a medical physicist, and radiation therapy technologists. This team ensures quality assurance that involves 3Ms, i.e., machines, methodology, and manpower. Keywords : Multidisciplinary approach; radiation therapy; quality assurance